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Construction and Engineering Services

Your Trusted Partner for Comprehensive Construction and General Engineering Services

At CPM Corporation, our unique multi-disciplinary capacity and strong team-partner collaboration with industry-leading professionals, give us the leading advantage to mitigate risk and add value at every step of a project.

CPM is licensed, bonded and insured corporation

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Kern Community College District

Amir and his team have turned project problems around…CPM has demonstrated honest and transparent communications with me and always striving for excellence

Eric M.

Associate Vice Chancellor of Construction & Facilities Planning

Specialty Restaurant Corporation

I have known and worked very closely with Amir since 2016 and continue to work with him & his professional team on various projects

John T.


Hermosa Beach City School District

I have Been impressed with the high quality of work I have come to expect from Mr. Amir Birjandi…

Dr. Sharon M.


City of Jurupa Valley

I have worked with Amir on various projects for the past six years. Our most recent project with CPM provided high-level support and project planning and as always, Amir Continues to be effective in creating efficiencies that result in cost savings

Rebecca A.

Procurement Officer

Palm Springs Unified School District

PSUSD appreciates the knowledge, professionalism, convenience, and ease of doing business with CPM. I believe Amir to be honest, fair and straightforward in all his endeavors

Julie A.

Executive Director of Facilities, Planning & Development

Concrete Refursuing

CPM stands out from other contractors due to the combination of our engineering and science backgrounds, along with extensive field construction experience. This unique blend of expertise enables us to conduct thorough analyses and effectively manage information, resulting in the implementation of highly efficient and cost-effective solutions for your facility's floors.

Our team's wealth of experience, combined with the utilization of cutting-edge technology and advanced equipment, empowers us to deliver exceptional workmanship quality and enhance productivity during field installations. By leveraging these resources, we strive to optimize performance and achieve the best possible outcomes for your project.

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Concrete Polishing & Epoxy Systems

Polishing Concrete is a complex procedure, it’s not hard, but it does involve many complexities that affect the polishing process.

Concrete polishing and epoxy coating encompass two main scientific disciplines:

  • Physics
  • Chemistry

Chemistry and physics play a significant role in the process of polishing and coating concrete surfaces.

Weight of the machinery, speed of the satellite heads, style of diamond tolling and operator’s speed are some examples of the physics in concrete polishing.

It is also essential for contractors to possess a thorough understanding of the purpose behind applying specific chemicals and comprehensively grasp how these chemicals react and perform. This knowledge is crucial for ensuring the appropriate selection and application of chemicals.

Our team at CPM possesses a distinct advantage due to our diverse and experienced backgrounds as engineers, construction managers, and highly skilled craftsmen. This collective expertise allows us to exceed our clients' expectations and deliver exceptional satisfaction. We leverage our comprehensive knowledge and skills to go above and beyond to provide outstanding results for our clients.

A room with yellow floor and white walls.
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Our Specialty

We specialize in:

  • Concrete Polishing
  • Self-leveling Overlays
  • Microtoppings
  • Epoxy Coatings
  • Elastomeric Systems
  • Polyaspartic & Urethane Coatings
  • Waterproofing Systems

We develop a detailed construction schedule that outlines safety procedures and protocols that encompass all affecting project elements such as moisture, humidity, temperatures, curing time, business operation hours & limitations, and all other anticipated factors prior to the start of the project.